How are Fire Sprinkler Systems beneficial to your Real Estate Investment?
Each year, fires kill or injure tens of thousands of people, 80% of them in homes. Among those most at
risk are young children and older adults.

What better selling feature could you offer than a home equipped with a firefighter on duty 24 hours
a day!

Fire sprinkler systems provide the ultimate in fire protection. They control or extinguish fires fast, limiting
the spread of deadly heat and toxic smoke. That saves lives and protects property, family heirlooms and
other valuables.

Fire sprinklers have been saving lives for more than a century, but now reduced labor costs and
low-profile sprinklers have helped make fire sprinklers affordable for homes. And because fire
sprinklers simply have no life safety equal,
national codes now require sprinklers in new home
. Similar local ordinances are in place in hundreds of jurisdictions across the U.S. and
Increase the value of your existing home or real estate investment.

A national poll conducted by Harris Interactive® found that nearly two-thirds (69 percent) of U.S.
Homeowners say having a fire sprinkler system increases a home’s value.

…and Save Money.

Homeowners will also find that the fire sprinkler system can provide a generous discount on
insurance. A recent poll of property and casualty insurers by HFSC showed that discounts as high
as 35% are offered for homes with sprinklers. Because discounts vary, homeowners should shop
around for the best discount.
With Fire Sprinklers
The sprinkler closest to the fire activates
Water contains or extinguishes fire
Residents have time to safely escape danger
Surrounding rooms are protected from fire
and water damage
Flames grow and spread
Heat and toxic gases spread room to room
In as few as 3 minutes, the fire is deadly
Flash over occurs and the gases and
combustible materials burst into flames
Without Fire Sprinklers
Water Usage-  Go green and do your part to help conserve our natural resource.

Sprinklers use much less water than the fire hoses used by the fire department. Fire hoses use 8 ½ times more
water than home fire sprinklers do.

According to the Scottsdale Report findings, on average, fire hoses use 2,935 gallons of water to control a fire.
Home sprinklers use on average only 341gallons of water.

Cost Benefit of Sprinklers concerning damage

The cost of fire and water damage after a fire in a home with sprinklers installed is on average $2,166[1]
The cost of fire and water damage after a fire in a home without sprinklers is on average $45,019
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